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the happening, from the hungarian director bille august, is set in new york city in 2013 and in 2007. it opens with leonard (richard jenkins) on a bus in central park, where he stops and stares out a window. he is an obituary writer (the movie is set in the years 2013 and 2007, the date of his old paper) and he gets off the bus and continues to stare into the park. in the past few weeks, mysterious changes have happened in nature and people are starting to behave strangely. soon, the national guard is called out and various attempts are made to combat the phenomenon. in the meanwhile, leonard is worried about his wife. her health has declined, she is depressed, and she is consuming a lot of medication. one day, she falls in the park. doctors diagnose her with malignant cancer and give her only a few months to live. and then something else happens: the park changes..

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so i had this idea that you could do a mockumentary about columbine like shooters, and i think what interests me most about shooters is that its a cultural critique. its about the american dream. you could really see it as one of the ways in which the american mythic idea is rolled out. and like i said earlier, if you take the specifics of shooters and take those specific individuals and put them into a real world context, there you have a very interesting idea. i think that if you look at the people who survive the shooting, you have a lot of good stuff to make a movie about. theres lots of good characters and i think that if youre going to do a columbine story, this is a good one.

the first step is to figure out what you want to do. do you want to do it in a way that makes fun of it? in a way that says something about the culture? in a way that puts forth an alternative idea? do you want to do a thing that lets you say something, like that gun laws are wrong and maybe they ought to be changed? i mean, if youre looking for comedy, it doesn't matter what happens. so you can do a parody. you can do a tragedy. you can do a commentary. so now you gotta figure out what to do?


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