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Little By Little

I enjoyed seeing that our Christian life is a life and goes from level to level, from strength to strength, little by little. Don't be discouraged for where you are in life! It is not an instant transformation - we will not become overcomers overnight. We have seen something of the Lord, and we will get there! The Lord will gain His House, His Dwelling Place! It is our destiny to go on enjoying Christ by living ordinary days in His divine dispensing, from glory to glory!

Little By Little

Small changes can make a HUGE difference. A daily affirmation, a gratitude journal, a morning prayer, a daily walk, drinking more water, eating a piece of fruit for breakfast. There are so many positive little changes you could make.

Intermittently. Do a little now, then a little more later, then some more tomorrow... as time permits. You're doing it with interruptions, not all at once. Also it's not predictable how much time you can spend each session; the durations are random. (Contrast with the above incrementally.)

Synonyms: bit by bit, by degrees, by installments, constantly, continuously, deliberately, gently, imperceptibly, in small doses, inch by inch, increasingly, little by little, moderately, perceptibly, piece by piece, piecemeal, progressively, regularly, sequentially, serially, steadily, step by step, successively, unhurriedly

By little and little I will drive them out from before thee, &c.] Not the beasts of the field, but the inhabitants of Canaan, who were left partly to keep up the cities and towns, that they might not fall to ruin, and to till the land, that it might not be desolate; and partly to be trials and exercises to the people of Israel, and to prove whether they would serve the Lord or not. Just as the corruptions of human nature remain with the people of God when converted, for the trial and exercise of their graces, and that they may have their dependence not on themselves, but on the grace of God to keep them in his ways, and to preserve them safe to eternal glory; and by completing the work of grace, which is gradually done, they might be made meet for it:

until thou be increased, and inherit the land; for as their enemies were driven out gradually, by little and little, so they multiplied gradually, until at length they became a sufficient number to fill all the cities and towns in all the nations of Canaan, and take an entire possession of it, as their inheritance given unto them by God.

little by little (リトル バイ リトル; commonly referred to as lbl) is a Japanese pop and under management of Stardust and signed to the Sony Music Japan record label. They are well known for singing themes to anime series such as NARUTO. In 2008 they released their seventh single, Pray, and the title track was used as the theme for the dorama Ghost Tokyo. In 2012, they changed their label to IRON CREATIVE.

Use the phrase "little by little" to describe something that happens slowly. Another way to say this is "gradually", but "gradually" is more formal. "Little by little" can be used for both positive and negative things: 041b061a72


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