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Como Hackear Un Fan Page De Facebook

Puede conocer las actividades de Facebook de cualquier persona utilizando una aplicación de terceros como KidsGuard Pro para Android. Esta aplicación no requiere del conocimiento de la contraseña o el nombre de usuario para hackear la cuenta de Facebook.

Como Hackear Un Fan Page De Facebook

What could the problem be? A video you posted last year of your friends dancing to a hit song? Could that really be it? Well, maybe: The link does lead to a notice about music copyright infringement. The address of the page is, and the notification page contains a link to an appeal form. So far, seems plausible.

Intent facebookAppIntent; try facebookAppIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse("fb://page/335853576565939")); startActivity(facebookAppIntent); catch (ActivityNotFoundException e) facebookAppIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(" ")); startActivity(facebookAppIntent);

As many are now aware, we lost control of our facebook fan page from Sunday, May 14th to Wednesday, May 24th due to malicious hacking. We took immediate steps to contact Facebook, and the affected account and page were suspended while Facebook investigated. While no other Sit With Me accounts were impacted, we lost our primary method of communicating with our supporters.

We were relieved to announce that we have regained control of our facebook fan page. We have also taken steps to review and strengthen our security across all platforms, and we encourage our supporters to do the same. Read on for more information.

Unfortunately, the compromised account also had administrative control of our facebook fan page. Facebook allows any administrator to remove any other administrator, including the page creator. Using the hacked account, the hacker proceeded to remove all other administrators and editors of the page. Facebook has no mechanism to confirm or undo these actions, meaning that we immediately lost control of our page. We were no longer able post, view and respond to messages, promote events, contact followers, or otherwise use the page. We were on the outside looking in.

The compromised account was a personal account. The Sit With Me website, email, twitter, and instagram accounts were not affected. We have taken precautionary steps to further secure our accounts. Only our facebook fan page was affected. All administrators and editors were required to secure their accounts in order to verify their identity.

The biggest impact was on our ability to communicate with the public, especially in the vital areas of finding new foster and adoptive homes, as well as promoting events and fundraising. Our facebook fan page was our main method of communicating with our supporters. And our work cannot happen without your support.

Thank you very this and fingers crossed it works. I Still have access to my Instagram though.Somehow I deleted admin rights for the facebook business page from my shopify page and no one is listed now. So frustrating!!

Hello, Thanks for the tips and I followed your way exactly. A few days later, the facebook team replied me that they added me as an admin on the requested page but I am still just an editor. So I explained the condition and asked for more help to facebook team but nothing happened. Could you or anyone here help me with any suggestion, please?Thanks in advance.


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