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Who Buys Apple Watches ((BETTER))

Apple recently launched the Series 8 and a new SE, along with the new rugged Ultra sport watch. And while the company has stopped selling last year's Series 7, along with older models, you can still find them at many online retailers (sometimes for a significant discount). All these watches look pretty similar and share a rotating stable of features. Here, we break down which one is best for you, and whether older models are worth the price.

who buys apple watches

Apple has dropped last year's Series 7 from the lineup, along with the Series 5 and 6. Last year, I noted that the Series 7 was one of the best sports watches on the market, with better water- and dust-resistance and updated algorithms, a bigger screen, and a full-size keyboard for texting. And when I hold the Series 7 next to the Series 8, the difference in the display size and brightness is negligible. If you can find it on sale for around $300, I think it's worth buying.

WatchOS 9 works with Series 4 watches and later, so if someone wants to give you one or you can find it significantly marked down, those are also worth considering. As Apple has added its health features one by one to each watch, you should double-check to make sure it has the ones you want. For example, the Series 5 doesn't have SpO2 monitoring, and SpO2 monitoring doesn't work on the Series 6 if the user is under 18 or doesn't have a paired iPhone.

Yes, you'll need an iPhone to set up your Apple Watch. However, if you have a newer Apple Watch, you can use the Family Setup function to pair one iPhone with multiple watches. Other Apple devices (including iPads) and non-Apple smartphones are not currently supported.

Yes, older Apple Watches are supported by Apple and are still some of the best smartwatches on the market. But keep in mind that Apple has historically released a new Apple Watch every year, so after a few years, an already-dated watch would be four or five generations behind the current technology.

If none of the watches listed above excite you, you could wait until this year's new product announcement from Apple. Or, you could consider an older generation of the Apple Watch that we didn't include on our list.

There's one other thing to consider, and that's availability. Apple only sells certain models of its watches, and while third-party retailers usually offer a bigger range, depending on where you run it might not be all of them.

The best Apple Watch for you is going to vary depending on several factors, such as your exercise habits, budget, and even the size of your wrist. With an increasing number of options available, it isn't simply a case of the latest being the greatest: different watches are aimed at different audiences, and that's before you consider older devices that still hold their worth and purpose.

The Apple Watch Ultra is the ultimate Apple Watch. It's bigger and bulkier, adding an action button that you can customize with genuinely useful features. Designed to survive all kinds of terrain, the Apple Watch Ultra rivals many Garmin watches.

We wear the smartwatches all day, every day - we go for runs with them on, take calls on them, track our sleep with them, check our notifications with them, and even test out all the weird and wonderful apps available.

I know there are two kinds of models (America and the rest of the world) so according to apple website, Israel and Austria are in the same category. Is that still doesn't mean they using the same radio bands?

Above all else, I hoped Apple would bring an always-on display to the new Apple Watch SE. I've grown accustomed to seeing the time, progress on my activity rings and the weather whenever I look down at my wrist after wearing the Series 7 and Series 8. But now that I'm wearing the SE, my Apple Watch turns into a blank, black square unless I intentionally activate the display. (Again, Samsung's similarly priced Galaxy Watch 5 has this feature, as do Fitbit's Versa and Sense watches, which also work with the iPhone.)

In the past, certain features haven't been available on older watches because of their aging hardware -- even if that model supported the overall software update. Handwashing detection, for example, is only available on the Series 4 and higher even though the Series 3 supported Apple's WatchOS 7 software.

Low-power mode limits the Apple Watch's sensors and turns off certain features, like the always-on display (for watches that support it), automatic workout detection and background heart-rate measurements to preserve battery life. Apple says low-power mode can extend the Apple Watch's battery life up to 36 hours for the Series 8 when its accompanying iPhone is present.

I haven't had the chance to test this feature for 36 hours continuously yet, but I've been switching between regular and low-power mode on the new SE to see the difference. After 12 hours of use with the battery starting at 100%, my Apple Watch SE had more battery capacity left with low-power mode turned on compared to similar usage without it. But the difference was minimal. Low-power mode will likely make a bigger difference on the Series 8 and other flagship watches: Those devices have more features that will be limited in low-power mode, such as an always-on display and blood oxygen saturation measurements, so the difference should be more noticeable.

The Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 8 have a lot in common when it comes to activity tracking. Both watches are swim-proof, support the same variety of exercise modes, offer sleep tracking and can measure heart rate and your cardio fitness level. You'll also get notifications for high and low heart rates and irregular heart rhythms on both watches. After using the Series 7 for almost a year, I didn't miss much when tracking workouts with the SE instead.

Where the two watches really differ is in their health-monitoring capabilities. Unlike the Series 8 and Series 7, the Apple Watch SE can't take an ECG from your wrist or measure blood oxygen saturation levels. It also doesn't have temperature sensing, which is new to the more expensive Series 8 and the high-end $800 Apple Watch Ultra.

The Apple Watch SE is the best choice for those who just want a smartwatch for receiving iPhone notifications on their wrist, tracking workouts and sleep and using features like Apple Pay. The Apple Watch SE feels like a general purpose smartwatch and fitness tracker, while flagship watches like the Series 8 are moving in a more health-centric direction.

Google's Pixel brand covers not just smartphones, but also wireless earbuds and smartwatches. The software giant's entry into the hardware market has been a success, and if you're a fan of the Android operating system, you should definitely check out the Google Pixel deals that we've rounded up here. There are some pretty slick discounts on this list of Google Pixel devices, but you'll have to hurry up with your purchases because their prices may return to normal sooner than you expect.Google Pixel Buds A-Series -- $80, was $100

Apple loyalists, rejoice! The innovative and notoriously expensive manufacturer of seemingly every popular tech product out there actually does have some discounts. If you're looking to complete your sweet of Apple products with new earbuds, smartwatches, laptops or tablets, we have the Apple deals for you. It's now 2023, so many of these deals are on products released over the past year. These deals won't stick around for long, since the Silicon Valley tech giant knows that their products are always in high demand. Check out our favorite Apple deals below, and grab what you want before the sale ends.Best Apple deals

Apple in September 2022 introduced the Apple Watch Ultra, a high-end version of the Apple Watch that's been in development for years now. Designed to compete with more expensive fitness-focused smart watches from companies like Garmin, the Apple Watch Ultra is aimed at sports enthusiasts and athletes that need more battery life and more sport-specific performance from of their devices.

Children and teenagers appear to have become a disproportionately large market for smartwatches as a whole. In a 2020 survey of American teenagers by the investment bank Piper Sandler, 31% said they owned a smartwatch. That same year, 21% of adults in the United States said they owned one, according to the Pew Research Center.

But smartwatches are inherently limited in their abilities, said Jim Steyer, chief executive of Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that reviews media and technology for families. Since smartwatches have minimal apps and no web browser or camera, children are less likely to be exposed to distracting games, sexting and other adult content, he said. Not owning a smartphone also encourages children to continue learning how to do things independently, like completing homework assignments without looking up answers online, he said.

Apple Watches, like other smartwatches, lose their ability to retain their battery over time. Depending on the age of the device and the condition in which its been used, the battery health may vary. You should always try to buy a watch with good battery health =>90%. If the watch has less than 80%, you may be eligible for a replacement watch from Apple depending on the warranty status.

By Manas Tiwari: The Apple Watch SE (2022) is to Apple's watch portfolio what the iPhone SE is to the phone line-up. It's not the most premium or feature-loaded experience but, the minimum you need to spend to get the Apple Watch experience. It's probably also the most important smartwatch in Apple's 2022 line-up. That's because the Apple Watch 3 has now been discontinued and both the Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra are quite expensive for most users. Also, just like the iPhones, Apple has played it safe with watches this year and Series 8 comes with minor upgrades over the Apple Watch Series 7. The price difference makes the Watch SE a more appealing option over the Series 8. 041b061a72


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