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Rashid Sobolev
Rashid Sobolev

Megavision Pro Hdd Multi Karaoke Jukebox Download =LINK= Free

Sa Davao lang ako nakatira. Yung Megavision namin ginamitan ko ng wifi to connect.Nag YOUTUBE ako. den hndi ko ma play or ma control yung mga videos sa youtube. pano ba yan? may kailangan pa ba ako i download sa megavision ko. o kailangan ko ng control gamit ung android phone ko?

megavision pro hdd multi karaoke jukebox download free

How to reset the megavision? Cause,when i go to setting there are 3 option,karaoke,jukebox and other one i forgot the name, i select the jukebox suddenly they appear the timer in the tv screen then the song did not continue they stop because of the timer,.i try to back to the settings but it cannot functioning only on setting the other one are functioning,what can i do?


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