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Today I am sharing how to make iron balusters look expensive for under $2. If you have a stairway wall that you want to open up in your house, I am going to show you how to save money using black iron stair balusters with decorative baluster stair knuckles and shoes to make it look expensive. Whether you are looking for a modern farmhouse look or a transitional feel, updating your staircase is one of the best investments you can make in your home.


Iron Baluster knuckles are the decorative element that is fastened to the center of a stair baluster which make the baluster look expensive. The wood handrail with iron balusters look is an easy way to update a staircase.

Did you know that you can install iron balusters (which are very affordable) and make them look expensive for less than $2 each? I searched google and pinterest for pictures of staircases with iron balusters before we started this project and ultimately decided on this simple clean look. The price was right for the hollow iron balusters and it was cheaper to add the decorative elements than purchasing already made solid wrought iron decorative balusters.

Are iron balusters cheaper than wood balusters? In many cases yes however, it depends on which type of iron or metal baluster you pick. Many solid wrought iron balusters with ornate designs can be very expensive. We wanted to create a custom staircase and stair railing look on a budget so we opted for hollow iron balusters.

An iron stair baluster design can vary in price (depending on if you pick square or an ornate design) but plain hollow black ones like we picked, are under $12 for a box of 5. You can see them here on Amazon.

Installing wrought iron balusters is very simple and you can do it yourself. The black baluster shoes (like these) sit at the top and bottom and the adjustable knuckle (like this one) is the middle piece in the center of the black iron baluster.

Installing black iron balusters, in my opinion, can add value to your home as they give a modern look and many home buyers are looking for a modern take on a variety of designs. For example, modern farmhouse, modern cottage and modern traditional are just a handful of designs that have evolved over the years.

Unique iron balusters like the one shown below, has a large decorative design in the center of your baluster. The no shoe look below is very simple, clean and pretty which is indicative of modern iron balusters.

While they are similar in strength, durability, and design capabilities, both solid and hollow iron balusters have their own unique benefits. How do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few things to consider as you make your decision...

For hollow iron balusters, high-quality iron is poured and shaped through a casting process. This results in a smooth, refined finish. Because of the constraints of mold casting, the design options are often much simpler in form, but still popular for many modern homes.

Solid iron balusters are generally more expensive than hollow balusters, because they are made of more iron material and require intricate shaping. With hollow balusters, you also have the opportunity to save on shipping costs. They weigh less than solid balusters, which usually means lower shipping and handling charges!

Stair Wrought Iron Balusters have become very popular on these days. Nothing adds more impressive visual impact and value, than replacing those outdated stair wooden balusters with elegant Wrought Iron Balusters.

We offer these iron stair parts at unbeatable prices and with fast shipping. Find options in satin-black and oil-rubbed-copper finishes and in a variety of shapes, including scrolls, round bars and knuckles. Like our other supports, we require a minimum order of three balusters for each part number.

Carolina Stair Supply produces all of our wood stair components in our plant in Uhrichsville, Ohio, centrally located within a day of two-thirds of the population of the US. Using local hardwoods our skilled craftsmen craft our products in the most environmentally conscious manner possible.

We proudly feature the Ole' Iron Slides collection, the adjustable, easy to install iron rail system from Carolina Stairs that requires no cutting and no complicated angle drilling, perfect for DIY installations. 041b061a72


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