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Buy Golden Goose Shoes

Hi! My daughter is a 6.5 in most shoes, and she wants a pair of the Hi Star style. I have seen mixed reviews regarding sizes in the different styles, so I am trying to decide between a 36 and a 37 in this particular style?Thank you ?

buy golden goose shoes


Great review! Love, love, love these shoes!! Quick note, I had a problem with studs falling off of my slides and the 2 year warranty is not valid unless purchased directly from the Golden Goose website or one of there few flagship stores. I purchased most of mine from websites you mentioned. They are great deals and great service, but warranty is NOT valid if purchased outside of GGDB.

I wear my golden goose way more, but I got the glittery Gucci sneakers last year and have only wore a few times! I love both and am glad I have both in my closet. However, if I had to chose just one I would say the golden goose for sure! I probably wear them 3 times a week

My best tip for searching for Golden Goose sneakers on sale here is to go to their search tab, select womenswear and enter Golden Goose sneakers in the search field, then filter from low price to high price. A ton of Golden Goose shoes that are on sale will appear at the top.

SIZING INFO: I am a size 6 in shoes so I get a size 36 in Golden Goose and wear a small ped sock. (I love these from Amazon!) I have a narrow foot and they fit perfectly. Golden Goose sneakers run wide so keep that in mind if you are in between sizes! I always tie mine!

I have five pair of GG. I know. Crazy, but they are awesome. Good advice. The GG Ball Stars are by far the best, but the insoles have a built in heal lift, which is strange. Went to CVS, got gel insoles , replaced the GG insoles and poof! The most comfortable shoes on the planet.

So why find a dupe for these dirty duds when you could shop the real deal at Nordstrom, Shopbop or Neiman Marcus quite easily? The answer is in the golden price tag, as these pre-dirtied shoes are sold for upward of $500, some going as high as $1,700.

For those who want this star-spangled shoe and are willing to dirty them up themselves, we have a few suggestions for you. First, pick out a pair of shoes from the list below that are all much lower than $500 a pop. Then, head to your local garden shop for some dirt, or hit the playground to achieve the stained look the old fashioned way.

From Walmart, these all shimmering shoes have a white platform sole that you can dirty up yourself if you please, and a gold shoe including golden laces to boot. At just $21, they may be the cheapest dupes for the trending kicks, and if you love the look there is more good news: The shoes also come in a rose gold color, white with a silver star and a black pair with a white sole and silver star.

They probably have the most variety of styles for an under $100 price point. They constantly come out with new designs and their quality is great. There is decent cushioning in the shoes (kind of like middle of the road) and I would say then run TTS, if between sizes I would recommend sizing down!

This is the most expensive dupe option you will find with their shoes running $100-$200. I will say though, that their cushioning is the best so if you are willing to pay more for a little more support and cushion, this may be the way to go. They have a lot of more simple designs that will match with a lot of looks. If between sizes, size down.

These places have some very affordable dupe options but will both take longer to ship if you just pay for regular shipping. I actually had to size up in the shoes I got, but I would read reviews if there are any!

Omg, you have a really nice selection of Golden Goose shoes. I really like the ones in the first image because they are somewhat muted and, in my opinion, will go with virtually anything. Your outfit selections and decisions in general are excellent. I regularly read your blog.sneakers attractive brand 041b061a72


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