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This Is Halloween -Gravity Falls

Wednesday. Perhaps the most confusing day for lots of folks. For some, Wednesday is a church night, and if October 31st falls on this day, trick-or-treaters of all ages will be attending services and not out gathering candy. Luckily, this only happens once each seven years. Unfortunately, in two years it will happen again.

This is Halloween -Gravity Falls

October is when the Halloween season crowds really start to pick up on weekends. Saturdays in October are some of the busiest days of the year! We highly recommend avoiding weekends this month, as well as the second week of October (many schools are out for fall break then). Weekdays on the last week of the month, including Halloween (October 31) if it falls mid-week, tend to be most manageable as the Halloween season winds down.

Funny.When i was catholic one day when i was in church ,i said i had to go to a halloween party,and the catholics that were there told me that after that (it was two days inside of the church having no contact with the outside world)i would not want to go to the halloween party anymore.They were right .When i got out i didnt want to go bc i knew thats was wrong.Now the post something like this and confuse people who never studied or cant study the bible.

Yep, we should carve our pumpkins no sooner than 5 days before Halloween. This year as Halloween falls on a Monday we will probably design ours on Saturday afternoon. We will be too busy the few days before this and afterwards so Saturday has been marked off as making our Jack O Lantern masterpieces.

Halloween falls on a Monday this year and that means trick or treating will be held on that Monday night. But expect lots of parties to be held the weekend of October 29-30th as many adults now celebrate Halloween with grown-up events. 041b061a72


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